BrigadeCon - Mutant Future: The Bike-Axes of the Dawn

The dying world is not quite dead yet. Gangs of humanity are still clinging onto dear life and fighting to defend what they have from other gangs. The group that your character belongs to is known as The Bike-Axes of the Dawn. They have signature weapons welded together from the rusty re-purposed parts from old bicycles. Your characters live just outside of New Castro, one of the last remaining festering examples of civilization. Your gang is still healing up from the last raid from one of the many rival gangs (The Bone Scribes). During the raid your modified RV was stolen and inside were many of your characters' children. You have managed to mend your vehicles, bind your wounds, and fill up your gas tanks with the last remaining fuel that your gang possesses. Now it's time to show The Bone Scribes what for. I will be using the Mutant Future rules with some house rules and pregenerated characters will be provided

BrigadeCon - D&D 5e: A Clockwork One-Shot

Welcome to Mervira, a land of clockwork, steam, and fire! 

Strange horrors are afoot in the backstreets of Thalgoria: rabid beasts that preys upon the weak and unaware and leave them for dead! As soldiers of the Thalgorian Regiment, you have been charged with destroying these creatures. Your journey will take you far and wide across the steampunk world of Mervira. Do you have what it takes to have your name put in the history books?

Lair of the White Wyrm: D&D 5e One Shot

Synopsis: The Great White Wyrm Sa’Keeth has risen from her slumber and has been terrorizing the Thorpe of Hafrafell. The call has been sent far and wide by Jarl Sigurd Olavsun for brave adventures with promises of land and riches to those brave enough. You’ve answered the call Torgga, Obsidian, Beardtrice, and Gulbrandr – do you the have the mettle to face a dragon.

NWOD: The House on Haunted Hill

For a long time their have been rumours about the Old McCracken place, a tumbled down house that sits atop Halleys Hill, it has a long history of death and violence. The current landlord wants to rent out the house, but his tenants have been driven off by strange events, he has contacted your team of paranormal investigators to explore the house and lay to rest any rumours concerning ghosts or spectres.

JDR D30-20 Jeu de rôles en direct : RPGS Apotik avec Fudge (Brigadecon 2016)

Système de jeu : Fudge publié par Grey Ghost Press
Royaume RPGS : Apotik, créé par Mario Brousseau
Joueurs : Éric Schuller (Méthéoutotep), Maurice Maillet (Yarro), Marc Vallières (Téos)

13th Age's Gen Con 2016 adventure: Swords Against Hell! 

Find the most metal of GM's at

Beyond The Horizon Session 6 - We Who Are About To Die (BrigadeCon 2016)

That which is seen cannot be unseen, that which is known cannot be unknown, that which has been done cannot be undone.

Revelations of the past threaten to tear apart the crew of the 'Revenge' as many dark truths are brought into the light in what is sure to be a dramatic mid-season break!

Drums, drums in the deep. They are coming!

Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria, is dead - killed by an orc archer in the Dimrill Dale.

You are his sworn companions and must carry his body back to give it a fitting tomb. 

You have barred the gate, but cannot hold it for long. You must cross the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, delay them in the Second Hall, and then make it to to the defensible Chamber of Mazarbul, the chamber of records. 

You cannot get out. 

But you can show them how a dwarf of Moria fights and dies.
Make them hurt!

What's the worst they can throw at you - a cave troll?

This game focuses on atmosphere, heroic action and ultimately death. It WILL end with a tpk (total party killed).
PCs are sixth level, dwarven, and can only be barbarians, champions, battle-masters, thieves, assassins or college of arms bards - though you are not Gandalf and cannot use any obvious magic: spells must be re-dressed as skills or natural abilities or they cannot be used.

Stats are the standard array or 27-point buy found on page 13 of the Player's Hanbook under VARIANT: CUSTOMIZING ABILITY

Standard starting equipment based on class and background.

Brigadecon - PokeDnD

The Selkie's Eye: Brigadecon 2016

Buckaroo Banzai Against The Lectoid Renegades

GDR Live - BrigadeCon - Edge of the Empire - A caccia del Tempo

E' un periodo oscuro per la galassia. L'alleanza ribelle ha distrutto la terrebile Morte Nera dell'Impero Galattico colpendo da una base rimasta segreta.

Nel mezzo di questo conflitto, inumerevoli pianeti soffrono sotto la tirannia dell'Impero. Molti cercano di sfuggire all'oppressione per rucostruirsi una vita ai margini della civilizzazione.
Su Coruscant un gruppo di mercenari assoldati dalla famiglia criminale Pike si è infiltrata con successo in un avamposto del Black Sun, la nota organizzazione criminale, per recuperare un oggetto, di colpo però la situazione precipita e volge al peggio....

Star Wars - Edge of the Empire: Escape From Mos Shuuta


It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy.
The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in
the midst of civil war. Meanwhile, scoundrels and
smugglers, explorers and expatriates, and fringers of
all types scramble for a living on the edges of
galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these
renegades have more freedom and opportunity than
any citizen of the Core Worlds.

On the desert world of TATOOINE, a few such
renegades have run afoul of a local crime boss,
TEEMO THE HUTT. Trapped in the tiny spaceport of
Mos Shuuta, the renegades have no choice but to
steal a starship and flee Teemo's forces.
Fortunately, a suitable starship has recently
docked at the landing bay: a freighter called the
KRAYT FANG, captained by a Trandoshan slaver
named Trex. As they flee through the suns-baked
streets, the renegades duck into the local cantina
to hide from their pursuers...

BrigadeCon - Call of Cthulhu: Ignis Gehennalis

It is 1983, 10 years after the Summerland disaster at Kirthwaite Head, where over 50 people died. While the case was closed, the coastal town is now regarded as cursed by some and avoided by many. Still, life goes on. But recently strange incidences have been occurring after a somewhat dormant period. You have been sent to investigate.

Fairy Tale Adventures Episode 4

Dragon Age: The Darkness Within

Dreamchaser (BrigadeCon)

After some technical difficulties and a last minute change of location, here is our Dreamchaser game from BrigadeCon. Thank you to Micah, Caius, and Boiko for making it possible! 

The dream: to put my sister's ghost to rest.

Milestones: (We did 1 each for this One Shot Convention Game.)
Boido: Learn the haunted house or object's secret.
Caius: Lift a curse.
Micah: Chance to say goodbye.

Reign of the Squirrel king

Saturday Morning Tabletop One Shot
For BrigadeCon 2016

Under Waves of Greed [SotDL]

Shadow of the Demon Lord

Constant pirating and bandit harassment along the River of Ness and the Main Road has caused merchants to halt their caravans. The economy is beginning to tank and shelves and supplies are beginning to run dangerously thin. While caravan escort jobs are up, tales are coming in of guards going mad with rage, turning on each other, and slaying anything within sight. A man by the name of Gavin DeRoss was brought in by an old farmer. He was badly injured, his leg mangled, and spouting tales of men with yellow eyes and scaly skin climbing from the waters of the river. Autarch Urian has set a trap with a 'trade ship' being sent down river, and he wants you aboard. Find the root of the problem and get rid of it!

Promenons nous dans les bois...

La BrigadeCon c'est une journée pour les enfants hospitalisés. Nous animons pendant 24h des parties de jeu de rôle et faisons un appel aux dons. Vous pouvez aider l'association "Child's Play" ( ) en donnant simplement via ce lien : ou en achetant le t-shirt de la BrigadeCon :
Il n'y a pas de petit dons, il n'y a que des aides importantes ! On compte sur vous pour participer en regardant simplement ces parties et en invitant vos amis à nous suivre.
Merci de tout cœur !

Dungeons & Dragons 5e - The Affairs of Dragons -- BrigadeCon 2016

Songs of the Deep: Brigadecon 2016

There are monsters more terrifying than can possibly be imagined. The simple fact that they lie below the ocean is what makes them haunt our dreams so.

Captain Mirth of the Lucy Alexandra, a trading ship out of Port Illotha has put out a request for warriors to come to his aid. For the past few months, ships have been following trading routes, but none seem to be returning, or even making their destination. As such, he has hired you fine folks to help make sure his precious cargo reaches its destination. He has heard tales of beautiful maidens tricking sailors to their dooms, of floating sirens leading men astray.

The Candle's Shadow 5e: BRIGADECON 2016

The say, many evils lurk in the shadows of the world. Often, the most horrifying secrets are right under our nose. A candle can offer someone just enough light to take a single step. To conquer fear is to embrace the darkness. True wisdom lies behind the light.

Fate: Leaves of Chiaroscuro: Tower of the Weird Warlock

[LIVE RPG] Rolemaster 2nd Edition (Set in Harn): Defenders of the Faith

[LIVE RPG] Rolemaster 2nd Edition (Set in Harn): Defenders of the Faith.

Star Wars - Edge of the Empire: Ill Met in Vorheim

Aurea, aesthetic pearl of the galaxy; home to the greatest artists and craftmakers of our time, and sad to say, a better class of criminal. On this paradise world of creativity, art theft is the ultimate taboo, the most capital of crimes, but this has only worked to stoke the flames of the thieving masters. Bryn Shale, king of thieves, has publicly promised to steal Kasa Xanter's priceless sculpture, the Dawn of Light, from the impenetrable gallery of Vorheim. 

The Dawn of Light is a symbol of artistic unity, and more so, a symbol of Aurea itself. In preparation for what some are predicting to be the heist of the century, Vorheim is doubling down on security and bringing in some less than savory contacts of its own; YOU. 

Cutthroats, street-toughs, infochants, and black hats galore. Sometimes it takes a criminal to catch one. Join together with a band of specialists to help Vorheim catch Shale before she catches the ultimate prize.

BrigadeCon - Shadow Children: Writhing Hands from Beyond

Your twelve-year-old character lives in a modern American suburb and will know the other characters at the start of the session. Your character has been physically or mentally abused in one major way or via lots of minor ways. Think up what happened to them, and that will probably come out during the session. Up to this point nothing supernatural has ever happened to them, but that is about to change... This is a systemless game and the only dice mechanic we will be using is a D100. I will try to emphasize staying in character (for the most part) and lots of in-character role-playing. Some intense / mature scenes and flashbacks are likely, so if that is not your thing then it might be best to not sign up for the game. *Please, only sign up for this game if you are 18 years old or older.*

System: D100 Only (Systemless but with a single dice mechanic, rolling a D100)

Think up a character concept for a child that is 12 years old. Your character lives in a modern American suburb and will know the other characters at the start of the session. Your character has been abused in one major way or via lots of minor ways. Think up what happened to them, and that will probably come out during the session. Up to this point nothing supernatural has ever happened to them, but that is about to change... This is a systemless game and the only dice mechanic we will be using is a D100. I will try to emphasize staying in character (for the most part) and lots of in-character role-playing. Some intense scenes and flashbacks are likely, so if that is not your thing then it might be best to opt out of the game. Thanks, and see you for BrigadeCon.

Dowrenland: Down the Yellow Road (D&D 5E) | BrigadeCon 2016 [Live Game]

This game will take place in a fantasy world heavily inspired by Oz and Wonderland, with a dash of other classic fairy tales in the mix. But this isn't the kind of place that you may have seen on film as a child; no this place is much darker and more sinister that that, though you may notice no shortage of homages.

The Queen of Hearts in the east and the King of Spades in the west have joined their nefarious forces together with the intent of bringing the denizens of Dowrenland under heel. In response, the Queen of Clubs in the south has entered into a pact with the King of Diamonds in the north, theirs the only two forces that may be powerful enough to stop the tide of war. The other, smaller nations of people are beginning to choose their sides in the coming conflict. You have set out from Ozgrannar, the dwarven emerald city, with the sole charge of convincing the golems to join the side that will defend the common man. These golems, who once built the great cities of Dowrenland only to be cast aside once their task was done, are now reclusive and dour. Can you brave the strange and wondrous things between here and there and rally a forgotten force into action?

The Copper Jackals: Into the Bleak (D&D5e) - BrigadeCon One-Shot (ERRORS)

This group of Copper Jackals (paramilitary super-adventurers) is the only hope the region of Üldane has. Something stirs in the Bleak. Something terrible, and something unstoppable.

Shadows In The Night (5e oneshot)

BrigadeCon 2016 RPGS live game part 4 : Apotik with Fudge

RPGS compiled by Sebastien Allard
Apotik created by Mario Brousseau
Fudge published by Grey Ghost Press

JP Chapleau (Tomhas), Ivan Podgwaite (Korba), Joel Sylvestre (Kierlos) and Wim (Lena)

The Drowning Town - LotFP at BrigadeCon 2016

Four adventurers wander into the drowning town of Delton as it grieves the loss of a child. What secrets lie beneath the aftermath of the tragedy that has befallen it? Let's see if our heroes can find out!

Les Chroniques de Anoren : L'Oasis des Morts

Une guerre civile fait rage à Anoren, le Royaume de Pierre. Un petit groupe de guerriers Minari, les hommes du désert, et leurs amis, est envoyé en mission pour saboter une ligne de ravitaillement de l'ennemi.

Cette partie unique aura une influence sur l'histoire courante du Royaume de Anoren, que vous pouvez retrouver dans RPGS - Your Fantasy Toolkit Supersetting.

Live Game of Infected for BrigadeCon 2016

Play with Oliver R. Shead, the designer of Infected RPG at BrigadeCon 2016!
In the dusty heat of Las Vegas, the PCs are given a mission: find a missing woman. The information she has is critical for not only their employer, but the city itself.
But as they delve into this mystery, they start to find that the twisted tale might just swallow them whole.

The Lost Guard - BrigadeCon 2016 - Mouse Guard Live Play

A Mouse Guard Live Play for BrigadeCon 2016. 

It has been a year after The Weasel Wars of 1149. The Mouse Guard has been dashed, and many were lost to the conflict. The Guard remains, but barely hanging on. There are rumors of surviving Guard scattered about the Territories. 

It is Fall 1150, and the Guard must find and protect the missing pieces. The Lost Guard is important to Lockhaven's survival, and every mouse has a paw to play. Four intrepid mice have been tasked with finding and rescuing an old Guard... will they succeed?