Star Wars - Edge of the Empire: Ill Met in Vorheim (w/ sr2Joker)

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
Ill Met in Vorheim

Details of Event

Aurea, aesthetic pearl of the galaxy; home to the greatest artists and craftmakers of our time, and sad to say, a better class of criminal. On this paradise world of creativity, art theft is the ultimate taboo, the most capital of crimes, but this has only worked to stoke the flames of the thieving masters. Bryn Shale, king of thieves, has publicly promised to steal Kasa Xanter's priceless sculpture, the Dawn of Light, from the impenetrable gallery of Vorheim.

The Dawn of Light is a symbol of artistic unity, and more so, a symbol of Aurea itself. In preparation for what some are predicting to be the heist of the century, Vorheim is doubling down on security and bringing in some less than savory contacts of its own; YOU.

Cutthroats, street-toughs, infochants, and black hats galore. Sometimes it takes a criminal to catch one. Join together with a band of specialists to help Vorheim catch Shale before she catches the ultimate prize.