Shadow of the Demon Lord - Under Waves of Greed (w/ The Coffee Bean GM)

Shadow of the Demon Lord
Under Waves of Greed

Details of Event

Constant pirating and bandit harassment along the River of Ness and the Main Road has caused merchants to halt their caravans. The economy is beginning to tank and shelves and supplies are beginning to run dangerously thin. While caravan escort jobs are up, tales are coming in of guards going mad with rage, turning on each other, and slaying anything within sight. A man by the name of Gavin DeRoss was brought in by an old farmer. He was badly injured, his leg mangled, and spouting tales of men with yellow eyes and scaly skin climbing from the waters of the river. Autarch Urian has set a trap with a 'trade ship' being sent down river, and he wants you aboard. Find the root of the problem and get rid of it!