Mutant Future: The Bike-Axes of the Dawn (w/ Samwise7RPG)

Mutant Future
The Bike-Axes of the Dawn

Details of Event:

The dying world is not quite dead yet. Gangs of humanity are still clinging onto dear life and fighting to defend what they have from other gangs. The group that your character belongs to is known as The Bike-Axes of the Dawn. They have signature weapons welded together from the rusty re-purposed parts from old bicycles. Your characters live just outside of New Castro, one of the last remaining festering examples of civilization. Your gang is still healing up from the last raid from one of the many rival gangs (The Bone Scribes). During the raid your modified RV was stolen and inside were many of your characters' children. You have managed to mend your vehicles, bind your wounds, and fill up your gas tanks with the last remaining fuel that your gang possesses. Now it's time to show The Bone Scribes what for!