FATE: Leaves of Chiaroscuro: Tower of the Weird Warlock (w/ Megan Bennett-Burks)

Leaves of Chiaroscuro:
Tower of the Weird Warlock

Details of Event

The Red City of Bologna features more wizard towers than anywhere else in Italy... or for that matter, in all of Europe. Recently the eccentric dimensional mage Teo has gone missing, and the protections which kept the dangers within his tower from spilling out have become unstable. People vanish suddenly from the streets, and those few who have found their way into the tower never return. Your urban adventuring company has taken it upon themselves to explore Teo's tower. Will you plunder the riches within? Save those who have become trapped? Fall victim to its strange magical phenomena? What strange, wondrous and terrible things will you encounter there? Of course, you aren't the only people interested in what mysteries and treasure the mage may have left behind....