Fiasco On The Silver Dragon Express

Grab your ticket on the Silver Dragon Express, the Alliance's most beautiful train as it takes 4 soldiers home from the great war. All aboard... Head to . A big source of help was Tim from Tabletop Terrors who helped me make the alchemist class you saw in the game. Stax was a bit of an idea that may spawn future addendum to your game if you want to bring this potion slinging soldier to life! 

Promised Opportunity

The first session of a six-episode campaign for BrigadeCon 2015, raising money for Child's Play,  a charity that provides toys, games and entertainment to hospitalized children. 


Tomb of the Mummy Lord

Tomb of the Mummy Lord is a custom adventure that I have written for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. This live gameplay is part of BrigadeCon 2015, a completely free, live, online game convention dedicated to gaming and raising money and awareness for Child's Play.


F.E.A.R. Pantex Recovery

A New World of Darkness game.

Rescue Beyond Hope

The Second session of a campaign for BrigadeCon 2015, raising money for Child's Play,  a charity that provides toys, games and entertainment to hospitalized children. To donate, visit or The Tides of Change roleplaying group can be found at:­OfChange

Pray For Morning

You've received a tip-off of a large horde of gold hiding underneath a castle out of town, and the owners plan to hold a soiree on Midsummer's Night. The perfect distraction! But someone has other plans for the party, and guests suddenly start getting thinner on the ground... Who is the killer who stalks the house, and will you manage to obtain the gold before you are next?

Bash for the Bashful

A game in the 'Chords' system I designed to play in Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrimm vs the World" setting.

The players, a group of out of towners, have come to Solace Lake to witness the famous Bash for the Bashful music festival. The town is an art community famous for turning any and all professions into an art form.

The "Bash Fest' itself is a way for the shy, socially awkward or just those that wish to remain anonymous to perform their music to a crowd whilst remain hidden within the stage.


Through the Mire and the Smoke

Night is coming. The Great Mire is the slowest and deepest bogs of Endrigohr. A land where cities are built on the backs of giant tortoises, the Unciwakan. An area of great societies and bandits. A stirring has occurred among the Creep Towns (bandit encampments on giant crabs). Several of orders are investigating why Creep Towns are gathering together; people in the city have been ripped alive. Shivers? Curses? A group of bandits turning into a coup? That is for the warriors to find out. (An Ehdrigohr RPG session)

The Fall of Raseri

A 5th edition D&D game where the players play as powerful Jotun, thirty foot tall giants. They will battle the very gods themselves in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Epic, over the top action, epic level, epic lethality.

Deathmaze 2 - DEATH HARDER!!!

It is 1989, and Mr X searches the globe for new challengers for his Deathmaze. This time he will use his new neon-laser guided Holographic projector and new traps to challenge the warriors bodies and minds. Yet again they have two hours time, yet again there is a micro-sized nuclear bombs in their head that will trigger unless there is a victor, BUT the stakes are higher now. Each contestants will have a ultimate price to fight for. For some It might be cure for Aids, a long lost loved, the best burger of the universe and for some a keyboard that controls space and time. Nobody knows except the contestants.

The Thing from the Hills

A Fate Accelerated game set the in the world of Brian Engards Wild Blue; a mix of science-fantasy and the Old West with superpowers. A group of four Powered Wardens are dispatched by Queen Aurora V to investigate the mysterious deaths of vitally important cattle in the town of Edge Hill.

Veil of Secrets

On a secret mission to cover up an Imperial botch, a team of specialists encounters more than they could have imagined as they try to hold on to their secrets and their sanity...

The Hunt

Every 100 cycles the mighty ogre Meab-Tyhapa Vikor, avatar of the god Nyjakkthi organizes a great hunt into the Forest of Ylinnok to slay the loathsome oak trolls that lurk among the overgrown ruins within those dark and whispering woods. It is day 54 of cycle 5000, the Day of Melting Ice. You have arrived at Nin-Ashal Enkhbar on the outskirts of the frozen wastes of Nifland to partake in this glorious endeavor. You will test your strength of arms and sharpness of mind against a creature as old and strong as the world of K'Vega Thale itself. If you return victorious, you will reap the glory and rewards of one who has eradicated an ageless evil so that Ahuramazda's light might shine one more day, holding back the eternal blackness of the Outer Darkness from consuming reality in its dark, still perfection.


A band of roving adventurers passed through town just in time to clear out the old abandoned house on the nearby hill. They sold off some surplus items to the local merchant and headed on to find the next village in need of heroes. For a time all was quiet.

Sharknado: First Bite

A band of extraordinarily good looking, superficial or weird people, played by bad actors, living in Los Angeles, are about to face the infamous Sharknedo of 2013. (GURPS RPG) 

Why so serious?

A NWOD Werewolf game where the Uratha investigate the outbreak of a strange laughing plague and the disappearance of children in their territory, the sleepy town of Edge Hill.

Random Dungeon Crawl

Monthly Dungeon. Created randomly, characters generated randomly, players chosen randomly. Get in on the fun!

Trail of Fluffy Corpses

 will be running my Bunnies & Burrows 1-shot on October 10th from Noon until 4PM EST for BrigadeCon

Rebel Infiltrator

A Rebel Commando squad is called upon to investigate information given by a Rebel spy who has infiltrated Imperial Intelligence and discovered something too dangerous for the Empire to keep

A Nightmare In Eden

Vaastag, five years after the tragic accident on Paradise Isle ending the lives of seven fellow Shi Yukiro Agents. Eurasian Inc. have so far swept things under the rug, and your superiors are now convinced this was not an accident. Your mission is to investigate the truth behind the deaths of the Agents, and expose who... or what... was behind them.


"A specter is haunting the modern world, the specter of crypto anarchy."

-Timothy May, The Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto

Inspired by the aesthetics of science fiction works like "Ghost in the Shell" and "Deus Ex", dive into a world of technological intrigue where national secrets and human minds are traded on the untraceable black markets of the dark web. This is a mature game with lots of social interaction and deadly stakes. Characters will be pregenerated and we are using the AIR system powering " Within the Ring of Fire".

Subterranean Subterfuge

Live D&D for BrigadeCon 2015. Tune in on 10/10/15 at 1 pm EDT. 

The Last Brotherhood

Wars begin, much like a wildfires, from a single spark. A single moment in time that can be traced back as the point of no return. That moment was six weeks ago, when the young general Assad Ja'bari marched his main army on the Estmyrians against his own fathers orders. That single act of aggression would grow into a war that would consume the whole world. Part I (D&D 5E)

Murcanto's Lair

Over the course of the last few years I have worked on this one level of a megadungeon. Thanks to the help of many other YouTubers in the RPG Brigade this adventure will be published as a pay what you want PDF. Those that sign up to play in this game will be the first unfortunate souls to experience its deadly encounters, its danger, and its weirdness. There is some disturbing subject matter in the adventure so be warned. Pregenerated characters will be provided. Will you make it out alive? (Lamentations of the Flame Princess)

Endless Night

Game System: Ubiquity System

Toydarian's Gambit

A Toydarian Merchant has contacted a group of bounty hunters to recover some salvaged tech. Is this much gunfire really necessary?


On Thin Ice

The passage to the New World is one fraught with danger. If the ice doesn't kill you, then She will. Kondwanya is a hard world, and no place is harder than the frozen wastes.

Forest of the Damned

Rerunning my Halloween one-shot from last year, broadcast on YouTube here for the first time!


BrigadeCon 2015: Copper Painted

BrigadeCon 2015: Na Coillte Dubh

A Numenera game where the players will explore a mysterious, monochrome forest, filled with ancient ruins, death cults and spirits. Discovery, weirdness and more weirdness.

Do you like hurting people?

Fate Accelerated

The Iron Tiger

A Fate Core Tianxia game, where the players will take on the roles of kung fu masters, trying to restore balance to the empire after the death of the Celestial Emperor. Kung fu fighting insanity!

American League of Eldritch Scholars

FATE Core One Shot

Darkened Nature

Join Starkiller as he contends with a competitive Darkened Force on Felucia with two Shadow Troopers.

Not only of light and sound ...

Finally, this game is powered by the 'Of Dreams and Magic' or 'ODAM' RPG. If you like what you see or are curious about the game itself, please follow the link to the games website.

Stalker - ゾーンジャパン

Welcome to Zone Japan, where concepts such as Time and Space don't always cooperate with our expectations. You will brave the zone to extract a treasure hunter stranded within. Kuroneko claims to have struck the swag jackpot just before losing his team and suffering a serious wound... communications were lost shortly after he requested extraction.

Caldera: Soul Poacher

A D&D 5e One-Shot

After a kingdom rife with magic imploded upon itself some two hundred years ago, it left a massive crater behind, riddled with ruins and artifacts from their bygone days. Now, a rival kingdom has begun building railroads and establishing towns for prospectors to go and reclaim these treasures in order to ship them back east. Those that would keep these artifacts for themselves without the strict permission of the Council of Six are branded as outlaws, as are those that practice non-studied magic... such as the native Durathians (incongruous tribes of indigenous peoples that still cling to the land of their ancestors). But not all magic is easy to spot, for those that don't where to look.

The Mystery of Mort'eadrom

Join a band of Copper Jackal Initiates as they journey to the dwarven underground city of Ulte Borgne to investigate a slew of mysterious disappearances in the wake of a festive carnival in memory of their fallen brethren. The nearby lighthouse of Mort'eadrom is still lit, but who could possibly be home?

Wards of Witching Ways

This adventure was originally written for Dungeon Magazine #11 by Christopher Zarathustra (aka Christopher Perkins). I have adapted it for 5e.

Against the flood


Ghosts: BrigadeCon 2015 One-shot (The Dresden Files RPG)

Members of the Manhattan Paranet have gone inexplicably missing. With none of the regular suspects claiming responsibility, it is up to the remaining members of the chapter to find out who dun it. Before there is no one left to send searching...