Terrain in TableTop Gaming

This panel discussion is hosted by Jake of Mini Terrain Domain and features the amazingly talented terrain masters DM Scotty of theDMsCraft, DMG of theDMG.info, Wyloch of Wyloch's Crafting Vids, and Czarofhappiness Props, of Acquisitions, Inc. fame.

Roll Up & Die Q&A

The members of the Roll Up & Die RPG podcast gather around their webcams for a two hour Q&A session, in which we will be creating many "Ideas You Can Steal"!

A Tour Through Sunder

Sanity Check! Psychological Tropes for your RPG's!

Playing RPGs with Kids

Playing RPGs with young kids can be tricky when you aren't used to it. We've assembled a line-up of people who have done it and are here to share tips, advice and considerations for those wanting to game with young kids. If you have questions for our panelists, ask away. Thanks to my guests:

How To Be a Good Player

Join myself (Oliver R. Shead, creator of "Infected!"), T. Julian Bell (the creator of Kromore), and Brandon Williams (the creator of Chaos 6010 and DemonGate), as we discuss How to Be A Good Player, as part of BrigadeCon 2015!

Publishing Tabletop RPGs in 2015, with Rodney Thompson

BrigadeCon 2015: One Year of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

BrigadeCon 2015: Imaginary Worlds Panel

Imaginary Worlds: Why we love them, live them, and learn from them

Why are millions of people drawn to RPG's? This panel will explore why imaginary worlds are so intriguing, inviting, and inspirational to us. We'll discuss what they teach us about the world around us, as well as what they teach us about ourselves.

Panelists: Host - Nathan Lyke (EarlTeaGrey), Derek White (Geekpreacher), Stephen D. Sullivan (VIP!)

Panelist bios: 
VIP Guest Stephen D. Sullivan - Stephen was a former employee of TSR (Tactical Studies Rules), the publisher of Dungeons & Dragons during the 1980's where he worked as an editor and cartographer. He has also penned many novels, including some set in the world settings of Dragonlance and Legend of the Five Rings.
Derek White (Geekpreacher): Derek is an avid gamer and ordained United Methodist Church Pastor in Tennessee who often leads worship services at gaming conventions. Recently, he co-wrote and article for the gamer comic Knights of the Dinner Table. He is also a college instructor in Ethics and World Religions. He once had a very special lunch with the great E. Gary Gygax...
Nathan Lyke (EarlTeaGrey): Nathan has run the YouTube channel EarlTeaGrey for the last few years, focusing on terrain crafting and old school gaming. Most recently, he contributed to the TableTop Terrors supplement "Heirs of Desperation" with fellow BrigadeCon participants James & Tim Kearny, Matt Click, and Michael Barker (available for download at AbsoluteTabletop.com).