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Often, we simply think back on the innocence and wanderlust of childhood. Most of us enjoyed those common experiences of playing with toys and friends from our neighborhoods. Yet, there are many children that would consider this reality a dream; wishing for the simplicity of a childhood uninterrupted. The most basic of their childhood experiences have been halted by the onset of health issues, hospitalization, and a cycle of endless treatment that most adults would have issues coping with. 

At The RPG Brigade, we praise the bravery and resolve these amazing children show on a daily basis. We find their ability to battle through these challenges to be commensurate with the legends and paragons of the roleplaying games we love to play. As a result, when BrigadeCon was founded, we made it our mission to seek out a charity that would assist hospitalized children.  

After the review of several charities, the Child's Play Charity was selected by the BrigadeCon staff as the "charity of choice." This amazing organization provides hospitalized children with age-appropriate video games, board games, books, toys, and gaming devices while in recovery. The RPG Brigade, through BrigadeCon, will continually work with the Child's Play Charity by holding our annual online roleplaying convention with 100% of the proceeds from our T-Shirt campaigns and widget donations funding this wonderful organization. 


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It is in RPG Brigade and BrigadeCon's DNA to work with other Facebook Groups, YouTube Channels, Blogs, and Venues to help inspire interest and motivate a positive experience toward our beloved hobby. With this in mind we have expanded our reach toward working with fellow conventions. This year BrigadeCon 2016 and AetherCon V will be promoting each other's Conventions. That's right. A unified approach toward encouraging roleplaying gamers to participate both conventions. We hope you all take the time to check AetherCon ... THREE days of playing games on November 11-13 2016.