► Step 3: Request to Host an Event (GMs and Panel Hosts Only)

BrigadeCon 2017 - Event Request

A well written Event Title can bring in immediate interest. Take time to think this through and try to make an impression on the attendees!
This will be the public URL of the YouTube Live or Twitch Live Broadcast.
Event Host *
Event Host
NOTE: The event host may be different than the creator of the request. For example, a GM may be hosting a game on another attendees channel. Please ensure you place the name of the actual person hosting the event here, not the owner of the Channel. This will ensure the Event Host receives the proper acknowledgement and emails.
How many people will you be hosting the event for, including yourself as the host?
Please tell us how many seats will be open to BrigadeCon attendees to join you in your live event.
All Slots are 4 hours