Taking Root at Bloodleaf Abbey

Standing atop a lonely, wooded rise stands the ruins of Bloodleaf Abbey, a crumbling temple to a long-forgotten god. Gargoyles, their features vague and weathered by the elements, crouch on the eaves; tombstones, their names long faded, jut up from the ground at lilting angles; and a massive, gnarled maple tree with blood-red leaves has split the roof asunder.

What awaits the adventurers inside the overgrown ruins of Bloodleaf Abbey?


The time is 2500 AD and it is now.
Our four agents, armed with supreme weaponry, nous and state-of-the-art cybernetics begin their mission in the heart of Shanghai as the sun rises in the smog-filled city.

Prison Break

Join our combined force of commandos and starfighter pilots as they seek to take on a secret Imperial base, and rescue captive scientists. 

Adventurers of Glantri

Early spring sees a tide of young adventurers flooding into Trintan. This in turn draws those who wish to use them: from the legitimate interests of guilds, through the usual rash of simple guides and treasure map vendors to the illegal plots of secret brotherhoods; from powerful wizards needing rare components in return for favour and magic, down to those desperate farmers with nothing to offer but a few coins and eternal gratitude. And of course the agents of the eccentric ruling houses of Glantri are ever present, waiting with rich promises to lure novice adventurers into the web of their machievelian schemes. For the four days of the adventurers fair, the small village of Trintan grows into a colourful, chaotic camp of mud, tents, babbling tongues, exotic cooking aromas and random violence. Alchemists, armourers and apprentices rub shoulders with sorcerers, swordsmiths and swinders in a place where adventure is never more than a Charm Person away... Glantri needs a new generation of adventurers. Will you answer her call?

The Meatgrinder

A 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Meatgrinder! High lethality, old feel, new system. Tune in to watch as the condemned fight their way through the fantastical world of Planescape.

Adventures in the Slipstream!

Struggle against the evil forces of the vile Queen Anathraxia in a bid to strike a blow for freedom in a world fragment bound down to slavery or death! Slipstream using the Savage Worlds amazing rules set.  Step into the kind of sci fi TV and comics got away with in the 50s and 60s.  

Showdown at the Crossroads

A live Dungeons and Dragons one-shot for BridageCon hosted by Carl Bolthouse.

Numenera Live Play

Curse of the Black Hand

"Curse of the Black Hand" is a one-shot adventure for the Blood, Sweat & Steel RPG. It is designed to play in a single game session, complete with pregen characters.

Returning Home

You return to Sudurheim, your home, in caravan back after a exhausting and brutal war with the ferrums south of your lands. You are victorious. 


Chronicles of Anoren 2 - Chasing The Gray Wanderer

A GURPS Fantasy game using RPGS as the setting.

Return to the Caves of Chaos

Skeleton Crew

Tangent Artists Tabletop runs their RPG, Skeleton Crew!

Crawling Chaos

This is the first live game from  the A. I. R. System, coming soon for sale.

Goblin Games

This will be a light-hearted romp using the D&D 5e system.  All the PCs are members of a goblin tribe.   Pregens will be provided.  A knowledge of D&D and 5e in particular will be helpful, but is not absolutely required.


One-shot game for Within the Ring of Fire, enjoy!

Interview Battle Arena 3021

Are you ready? You and a partner will take on the biggest and baddest Martial Artists of the year 3021 for the title Championship! Fame and Fortune await. Do you have what it takes to work your way through the ranks and become the World Champ.


It is 1982, somewhere in an abandoned warehouse. An unknown party has has kidnapped the biggest badasses of the world, and put them in a arena-like deathmaze. They must fight each other for the ultimate prize....life (and off course a ton of money and such)! But here's the catch. There is a bomb... A microsized nuclear sized bomb implanted in every contestant, and they will explode in 2 hours unless there is only one man standing. This is isnt a fight for justice this is a fight for survival. Who will survive the Deathmaze?!!

The Prophecies are True!

The seers quake with the coming signs, the raven calls from its frozen throat, and the dream bell peals in the realms beyond. Atropos beckons and The End approaches.

The Awakening

Where are you?... What is this place?.. Who are you?... Take place and discover the first sci-fi rpg ever (Metamorphosis Alpha RPG) and all it's mysteries...

The Frozen Chosen

BrigadeCon 1: Temple of the Restless Eye

My Call of Cthulhu session set in 1930s Tibet.

BrigadeCon 2014: The Pork-Chop Express & the Convoy of Liberty

Join our intrepid, or at least stubborn, friends of Jack as they seek out where he has gone, and what could have made him abandon his truck!

Escape From Dortmunder

A one-shot adventure in the Firefly 'Verse. The party has been arrested by the Alliance and after some complications must escape a sinking ship. The largest ship of the Alliance fleet. Gou shǐ

Journey to Mount Vertol (1 of 2)

Dungeons and Dragons played over Fantasy Grounds!

BrigadeCon 1: Journey to Mount Vertol (2 of 2)

Dungeons and Dragons played over Fantasy Grounds!

Living on the Edge: BrigadeCon 2014 One-shot (The Dresden Files RPG)

There are doors everywhere. When a group of hunted souls fall through one unwittingly, they must struggle against their pursers in a strange city at the edge of the world.

One-shot session of The Dresden Files RPG from BrigadeCon 2014.