The Lawrence Whitaker Interview

This is the video from our epic interview with Lawrence Whitaker, part of the talented team of two that makes up the Design Mechanism, publishers of RuneQuest 6 and its impressive line of support material. This video has been edited to remove technical difficulties which occurred at the beginning. The interview itself, is presented unedited and in full.

Terrible Terrain

Nerdarchy explores the art of creating encounters and locations that capture your player's imagination. We will have a few villains created and go through the process of creating the lair in which adventurers would encounter them.


World-Building...from the larger brush strokes to the finer details, join in to watch Kirk from PhDnD and Matt from A Fistful of Dice discuss how to unleash your imagination in world-building! NEW Facebook page:

Turning a Map into a World

Barker (BeABetterGameMaster), Captain Gothnog (CaptainGothnog), and Matt (aFistfulofDice) take questions and give advice on how to make your chaotic mess of towns, NPCs, and storylines into a living, breathing, cohesive and sensible world.

7 Realms Live!

Part panel, part live show!  7 Realms Productions, creators of Roleplay Roulette would like to invite YOU into the studio where we will be filming our next review!  

Creating NPCs both Heroic and Foul

In this #BrigadeCon  panel myself, Tim Kearney and Mitchell Grubbs walk you through the process of creating exciting NPCs to populate your RPG campaign with, we also answer questions submitted to us.

Marketing Your Game: From One Indie to Another

I'm a small indie developer who enjoys developing and making games as a hobby. I'm going to give a small talk and generate some discussion on Marketing your games and generating an audience.

Blurring the Lines: Creating Realistic Characters by Pulling from Yourself

A retrospective of characters made and played over the past year, how they were imagined, how their stories played out and what was going on in my life at the time and how I channeled that to portray the character, not as a character, but as a real person, with wants, fears, hopes and dreams. And what happened when I did. Rather than present a how to guide or an instruction manual, I intend to speak frankly about my experience doing so. My goal is to help show both newcomers to the hobby and old hats alike you have nothing to lose by flying in the face of the conventional wisdom of creating a character far removed from yourself that it won't suck to lose them and the surprising things that can be gained by doing so.

Monster Matters

My BrigadeCon discussion panel on using D&D monsters in creative ways! We'll dissect and discuss three classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters.