Welcome to BrigadeCon 2017!

Important Dates

  • 7/11 - BrigadeCon 2017 Attendee Registration Launch

    • Details: All participants of BrigadeCon 2017 are encouraged to fill out the BrigadeCon 2017 Registration at the link HERE. Doing so will add you to this year's mailing list, and if you provide you mailing address, will also register you for ALL Sponsor Giveaway Raffles for the convention.
  • 7/11 - BrigadeCon 2017 - Child's Play Donation Page Launch

    • The Donations Page for the Child's Play Charity is HERE and will remain published until the conclusion of BrigadeCon 2017. This ensures all who are interested in participating this year are provided an opportunity to donate easily.
  • 8/1 - BrigadeCon 2017 T-Shirt Sales Launch

    • Once again our BrigadeCon T-shirt Campaign will begin with artists such as Nefthalie Ramos and Dean Spencer volunteering their talents for some amazing limited runs.
  • 8/1 - Event Hosting Requests Launch

    • The Event Registration Form will go public and all attendees that would like to host the following event types will be provided a form to do so.
      • Live Roleplaying Gameplay
      • Live Discussion Panels
      • Live Art Demonstrations
      • Live Interviews
    • Note: The Event Registration Form will be taken down 1 week prior to BrigadeCon 2017.
  • 10/15 - Event Tickets Sales Launch

    • All event tickets will go on sale to BrigadeCon attendees!
  • 11/4 - BrigadeCon 2017

    • Convention Day