The RPG Brigade will be kicking off its Fourth Annual BrigadeCon on November 4th, 2017. For this fantastic benefit event, we are again proudly support the Childs Play charity. An amazing organization that provides hospitalized children with age-appropriate video games, board games, books, toys, and gaming devices while in recovery.


The RPG Brigade began on YouTube in 2010. We were a small collection of like-minded role-playing enthusiasts with a passion for reviewing, discussing, and dissecting tabletop role-playing games. In its infancy, "The Brigade" numbered less than ten channels with just dozens of followers. Quickly this community of content producers and followers grew by encouraging others to participate in making videos about the hobby they loved. Over the past six years, the community's content and footprint has exploded in size, and contributions have only increased in breadth and production quality. As the community expanded, the Brigade adopted the use of Facebook to allow for a centralized meeting place for members to post video links or just discuss RPG’s in general. The Brigade is now noticed by role-playing hobbyists worldwide, and the RPG industry has taken notice of the participants and productions that are created within its ranks. Members of The RPG Brigade have created art for published games, have written for award-winning role-playing games companies, and have successfully published their won games. The Brigade continues to grow with every new member, be they viewer, commentator, or video creator. This astounding affiliation of hobbyists is where role players, both veteran and novice, can go to share their passion and joy for this wonderful hobby.


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