What do I and my players need to participate?

  1. Windows PC or Apple Desktop Device

  2. 5-8 Mbps or Higher Upload Speed to the Internet.

  3. HD PC Camera

  4. PC Headphones with a Mic attached (Mandatory to prevent session echo)

How do I host and event as a Gamemaster, Panel Host, Interviewer, or Artist in BrigadeCon 2017?

On August 1st 2017 ... an Event Request Form will be available on BrigadeCon.org. Simply fill out the "Event Request" form and BrigadeCon will reserve your Live Event's slot for convention day. 


Our Confirmed 2017 Sponsors


Other Conventions We Support

It is in RPG Brigade and BrigadeCon's DNA to work with other Facebook Groups, YouTube Channels, Blogs, and Venues to help inspire interest and motivate a positive experience toward our beloved hobby. With this in mind we have expanded our reach toward working with fellow conventions. BrigadeCon and  AetherCon will be continually promoting each other's Conventions. That's right. A unified approach toward encouraging roleplaying gamers to participate both conventions. 

We hope you all take the time to check out AetherCon!