BrigadeCon is an Online Role-playing Game Convention/Benefit hosted by the RPG Brigade!

The RPG Brigade began on YouTube in 2010.  We were a small collection of like-minded roleplaying enthusiasts with a passion for reviewing, discussing, and dissecting tabletop roleplaying games. In its infancy, "The Brigade" numbered less than ten channels with just dozens of followers. Quickly this community of content producers and followers grew by encouraging others to participate in making videos about the hobby they loved. Over the past six years, the community's content and footprint has exploded in size, and contributions have only increased in breadth and production quality. As the community expanded, the Brigade adopted the use of Facebook to allow for a centralized meeting place for members to post video links or just discuss RPG’s in general. The Brigade is now noticed by roleplaying hobbyists worldwide, and the RPG industry has taken notice of the participants and productions that are created within its ranks. Members of The RPG Brigade have created art for published games, have written for award-winning roleplaying games companies, and have successfully published their won games. The Brigade continues to grow with every new member, be they viewer, commentator, or video creator. This astounding affiliation of hobbyists is where roleplayers, both veteran and novice, can go to share their passion and joy for this wonderful hobby.

Sponsors & Support

Why We Hold BrigadeCon

Often, we simply think back on the innocence and wanderlust of childhood. Most of us enjoyed those common experiences of playing with toys and friends from our neighborhoods. Yet, there are many children that would consider this reality a dream; wishing for the simplicity of a childhood uninterrupted. The most basic of their childhood experiences have been halted by the onset of health issues, hospitalization, and a cycle of endless treatment that most adults would have issues coping with. At BrigadeCon, we praise the bravery and resolve these amazing children show on a daily basis. We find their ability to battle through these challenges to be commensurate with the legends and paragons of the roleplaying games we love to play. As a result, when BrigadeCon was founded, we made it our mission to seek out a charity that would assist hospitalized children.

Child's Play Charity

After the review of several charities, the Child's Play Charity was selected by the BrigadeCon staff as the "charity of choice." This amazing organization provides hospitalized children with age-appropriate video games, board games, books, toys, and gaming devices while in recovery. The RPG Brigade, through BrigadeCon, will continually work with the Child's Play Charity by holding our annual online roleplaying convention with 100% of the proceeds from our T-Shirt campaigns and widget donations funding this wonderful organization. 


In August of 2014, Michael Barker sent out a call to the community for the support of the first ever BrigadeCon. The response transformed the idea of hosting an online convention into one of outreach and good works via the community. The tremendous effort from the RPG Brigade allowed for a fully functional online convention to be born and run successfully, within only 3 months from first proposal to actual implementation. BrigadeCon 2014 had participants from 30 countries, hosted 28 Games, offered 10 Panels, and conducted 12 Giveaways. The Giveaways were made possible by the generous sponsorship of amazing companies like Paizo, Fantasy Flight Games and many more industry leaders and independents. Over $1,200.00 US was donated to the Child's Play Charity through T-shirt purchases and Widget Donations during the 24 hours of the convention!

October 2015 was BrigadeCon's sophomore year. The impact of 2014 encouraged a huge boost in participation and growth. We had participants from 32 countries, with over 300 registered attendees taking part in the games and panels. The number of gaming sessions rose to 43, including a 24-hour series of linked scenarios run by 6 GMs in concert! We also hosted 10 Discussion Panels and were pleased to have many sponsors like Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Margaret Weis Productions, Heroic Maps and many more independent publishers return, to generously support Giveaways. Over $1,000.00 US was donated to the Child's Play Charity through T-shirt purchases and Widget Donations during the 24 hours of the convention. BrigadeCon 2015 was again a success and our mission community growth and benefit donations was accomplished.


In 2016, we once again strive to have a record breaking year for BrigadeCon. We hope you will join us.


BrigadeCon 2016 and AetherCon V

It is in RPG Brigade and BrigadeCon's DNA to work with other Facebook Groups, YouTube Channels, Blogs, and Venues to help inspire interest and motivate a positive experience toward our beloved hobby. With this in mind we have expanded our reach toward working with fellow conventions. This year BrigadeCon 2016 and AetherCon V will be promoting each other's Conventions. That's right. A unified approach toward encouraging roleplaying gamers to participate both conventions. We hope you all take the time to check AetherCon ... THREE days of playing games on November 11-13 2016.

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